About Creonsoft

Our humble story
About Us

Creonsoft Sdn Bhd is a professional technology company with experience of delivering software consulting and software development services to leading companies across the globe. We specialise in multi-platform custom application development and integration. We help our clients to mobile-enable their employees through enterprise mobile applications. In addition, we develop cutting-edge security design, mobile applications, mobile games, billing and payment solutions that help our enterprise customers to successfully communicate with and interact with their consumers.

Our offices are based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

What We Believe In

Our core values and belief system
  • We promote a culture of excellence by developing our people at every opportunity. The company rewards hard work and continuous self-improvement.
  • We operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines and we display honesty and fairness in all our dealings with others.
  • We respect and encourage each individual's ability and creativity. People are the source of our strength and our competitive advantage.
  • We commit ourselves to the transformation agenda of the current Malaysia situation and contribute towards this at every opportunity.

Our Services

How our expertise can assist your business